Jewish Pop Art

Jewish art and pop art don’t often get mentioned in the same sentence, but Yitzchok Moully is changing all that. His brand of Judaic art combines the spiritual rigors of Jewish life with the aesthetic sensibilities of pop art. Fans of both genres are sure to rejoice.

Why someone didn’t think to combine the centuries’ old traditions of Jewish art with the revolutionary mid-19th century pop art movement sooner is anyone’s guess. Moully’s works are fun, colorful, and engrossing. And did I mention spiritually moving? Throw one of these pieces on your wall and watch as the room and your faith come to life.

Moully’s work looks like the kind of art you would see at a hip NYC gallery, only more Judaic. This art is sure not to shock or offend though Moully is not afraid to throw off the stoicism people traditionally associate with religious art and replace it with a vibrant world of colors.

Moully’s silk screens make great housewarming presents or Jewish wedding gifts. If you are in need of a Judaic gift, you should consider buying one of Mulloy’s works. They are available in all shapes and colors, so you are bound to find something fit for the occasion.…

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