Jewish Art For The Spirit

Yitzchok Moully describes himself as “a Rabbi by day and an artist by night.” But the two parts of his person are clearly on display in everything he does. Certainly when it comes to his art his great muse is certainly the Judaic culture he is dedicated to constantly. He imbues each piece with some important piece of Judaism, from religious figures to significant religious symbols his art carries with it the weight that a Rabbi brings to everything he does.

This is to everyone’s benefit. The more we are surrounded by the deep religious and spiritual value easily found in this contemporary Jewish art the more indelible the connections between that spirit and our lives becomes. We can more wholly embrace the Jewish religion by surrounding ourselves with it more and more often in increasingly engaging ways.

This is the fantastic service that Yitzchok Moully provides to all who see his works. You become closer to your own spiritual center through Moully’s religious expression. That is why these prints of these brightly colorful, fun and ultimately quite invigorating pieces of Jewish art are such great gifts and real investments in your family home. They make the whole place brighter and your attention to what is truly important sharper.…

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