Chassidim of Color

Color is not typically associated with the Chassidic community. In fact it is usually associated with an absence of color. Rabbi Yitzchok Moully is changing all that with his colorful art. Moully’s art is colorful and accessible but is also spiritually significant. Moully is putting the world of staunch Jewish art on its head with his colorful depictions.

Whereas most people dismiss the Chadic world as an artistic dead zone, Moully draws his inspiration from the richness of Chasidic life and community. His work is sure to change minds about the Chadic world. Moully’s creative styling are a compelling blend of Judaic art and pop art. Fans of the two radically different genres are going to find common ground in Moully’s work.

There have been many great Jewish pop artists throughout history like Roy Lichenstien, Alex Katz and Tom Wesselmann. No one has yet combined Jewish art with pop art however; this innovation is Moully’s creation. Those offended by what they deem to be vulgarity in pop art need not worry about being offended by Moully’s more family friendly sensibility.

Check out Moullys work online. You can also use his website to contact him, commission work, or send e-cards of his work to friends and loved ones.…

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