Jews: Revolutionizing Art

Jewish artists have long been an important part of the contemporary art world. Not just in visual arts but in entertainment, writing, and dance. Since there have been Jews, there has been Jewish art. Even today they continue to break creative boundaries and forge new artistic paths.

Who could forget the contributions of Jewish artist Peter Max? His work has appeared on everything from stamps to airplanes to canvases. His bold colors and articulate brushwork became a hallmark of his style and are often imitated even today.

The work of artist Yaacov Agam can be seen all over Israel and across the world. He takes bright colors and incorporates them into large scale designs and structures. His credits include the world’s largest menorah and many tall, brightly colored buildings.

To this tradition we add Rabbi Moully. His fresh approach to Jewish art paintings is redefining genre norms in the world of religious and pop art. His bright scenes of stoic orthodox Jewish life shed life on the vibrant spiritual world of Judaism. If you wish to own or commission one of his unique pieces go to his website. There you can see work for sale and even commission a piece.…

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