Judaic Art Greeting Cards!

The art of Yitzchok Moully is not just meant to be hung around homes and galleries and appreciated passively. The work he has done is also available to be purchased in limited edition prints, or more tangibly as greeting cards and even eCards. These are perfect for gift giving this holiday season. Nothing could be cooler than a sharp piece of contemporary Jewish art with a sentimental message attached to a big Hanukkah gift.

If you do not plan on giving a physical gift you also have the option of sending out original and totally awesome eCards with this fantastic Judaic art. Fill up your friends and families in boxes for the holiday with some art that balances traditional Jewish imagery with some of that amazing pop art flavor we love so much about Yitzchok Moully.

No matter how you choose to enjoy the work of Yitzchok Moully it is important to remember that a working artist needs to make a living. Going to the site and enjoying what you see is only the first step in supporting this dynamic presence on the art scene. If you like what you see now is the chance to take being a fan of art to the next level and support the work being done.

Throughout the month of December (the 1st through the 30th to be specific) the work of Yitzchok Moullly will be on display at WallFlowers Gallery in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Opening Reception December 15, 6-8pm. It is offering a fantastic chance for the locals of Bernardsville to see this work up close while they consider buying prints of this gorgeous Jewish art.…

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Jewish Art For The Spirit

Yitzchok Moully describes himself as “a Rabbi by day and an artist by night.” But the two parts of his person are clearly on display in everything he does. Certainly when it comes to his art his great muse is certainly the Judaic culture he is dedicated to constantly. He imbues each piece with some important piece of Judaism, from religious figures to significant religious symbols his art carries with it the weight that a Rabbi brings to everything he does.

This is to everyone’s benefit. The more we are surrounded by the deep religious and spiritual value easily found in this contemporary Jewish art the more indelible the connections between that spirit and our lives becomes. We can more wholly embrace the Jewish religion by surrounding ourselves with it more and more often in increasingly engaging ways.

This is the fantastic service that Yitzchok Moully provides to all who see his works. You become closer to your own spiritual center through Moully’s religious expression. That is why these prints of these brightly colorful, fun and ultimately quite invigorating pieces of Jewish art are such great gifts and real investments in your family home. They make the whole place brighter and your attention to what is truly important sharper.…

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Jewish Pop Art

Jewish art and pop art don’t often get mentioned in the same sentence, but Yitzchok Moully is changing all that. His brand of Judaic art combines the spiritual rigors of Jewish life with the aesthetic sensibilities of pop art. Fans of both genres are sure to rejoice.

Why someone didn’t think to combine the centuries’ old traditions of Jewish art with the revolutionary mid-19th century pop art movement sooner is anyone’s guess. Moully’s works are fun, colorful, and engrossing. And did I mention spiritually moving? Throw one of these pieces on your wall and watch as the room and your faith come to life.

Moully’s work looks like the kind of art you would see at a hip NYC gallery, only more Judaic. This art is sure not to shock or offend though Moully is not afraid to throw off the stoicism people traditionally associate with religious art and replace it with a vibrant world of colors.

Moully’s silk screens make great housewarming presents or Jewish wedding gifts. If you are in need of a Judaic gift, you should consider buying one of Mulloy’s works. They are available in all shapes and colors, so you are bound to find something fit for the occasion.…

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Chassidim of Color

Color is not typically associated with the Chassidic community. In fact it is usually associated with an absence of color. Rabbi Yitzchok Moully is changing all that with his colorful art. Moully’s art is colorful and accessible but is also spiritually significant. Moully is putting the world of staunch Jewish art on its head with his colorful depictions.

Whereas most people dismiss the Chadic world as an artistic dead zone, Moully draws his inspiration from the richness of Chasidic life and community. His work is sure to change minds about the Chadic world. Moully’s creative styling are a compelling blend of Judaic art and pop art. Fans of the two radically different genres are going to find common ground in Moully’s work.

There have been many great Jewish pop artists throughout history like Roy Lichenstien, Alex Katz and Tom Wesselmann. No one has yet combined Jewish art with pop art however; this innovation is Moully’s creation. Those offended by what they deem to be vulgarity in pop art need not worry about being offended by Moully’s more family friendly sensibility.

Check out Moullys work online. You can also use his website to contact him, commission work, or send e-cards of his work to friends and loved ones.…

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Jews: Revolutionizing Art

Jewish artists have long been an important part of the contemporary art world. Not just in visual arts but in entertainment, writing, and dance. Since there have been Jews, there has been Jewish art. Even today they continue to break creative boundaries and forge new artistic paths.

Who could forget the contributions of Jewish artist Peter Max? His work has appeared on everything from stamps to airplanes to canvases. His bold colors and articulate brushwork became a hallmark of his style and are often imitated even today.

The work of artist Yaacov Agam can be seen all over Israel and across the world. He takes bright colors and incorporates them into large scale designs and structures. His credits include the world’s largest menorah and many tall, brightly colored buildings.

To this tradition we add Rabbi Moully. His fresh approach to Jewish art paintings is redefining genre norms in the world of religious and pop art. His bright scenes of stoic orthodox Jewish life shed life on the vibrant spiritual world of Judaism. If you wish to own or commission one of his unique pieces go to his website. There you can see work for sale and even commission a piece.…

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